Iggbo brings the wellness industry the most experienced network of collection specialists available anywhere and anytime for event phlebotomy and biometrics.

Your Turnkey Wellness Event Solution

Iggbo's advanced and automated technology makes placing a phlebotomist - or team of phlebotomists - at events easy and efficient. With our national network of 8,000 highly-ranked phlebotomists, Iggbo will dispatch the most talented specialists to your event instantly, when and where you need it.

One Vendor, All the Logistics

Iggbo's service handles everything. You can order online instantly, and Iggbo's technology and proven processes manage every step of the collection process for all of your events.

Absolute Reliability and Professionalism

Our digital tracking technology and quality rating system means that only the most qualified, experienced, trained, and vetted specialists will handle your event.

Neutrality and Tech-driven Quality

Iggbo's advanced system ensures complete quality and legal compliance. We measure quality before, during, and after every stick with digital technology. Iggbo has intentionally designed the most compliant solution in the industry for phlebotomy and biometric collection at events.

A Great Price

Our technology makes our service more affordable, not out of reach. We know it all comes down to price, so we have made our industry-leading solution simply and affordably priced at $50/hour/phlebotomist.