Iggbo's network of on-demand healthcare labor was specifically designed to bring new capabilities to telemedicine.

Iggbo easily integrates with existing telemedicine platforms to give virtual medicine a physical touch. Our workforce of skilled healthcare specialists can be instantly dispatched to gather critical patient data and diagnostics remotely. Iggbo specialists can perform hundreds of medical tests that make the promise of telemedicine a complete solution and allow your existing platform to manage new patient populations.

Set Appointments Any Time, Any Place - For Patients Who Are Anywhere

Our easy to use online interface lest you order medical test appointments for your patients that can take place now or later, in your office, or at your patient's home or place of work. You can also set follow-up tests weeks or months in advance.

Increased Patient Compliance

Iggbo's patented reminder system uses text, email, and telephone reminders to keep appointments on track with your patients. Our system generates 98% patient follow through.

Access Better Science for Better Outcomes

Iggbo gives telemedicine provides instant access to the best clinical testing options across the country. Designed as the complete solution for the entire diagnostic testing process, Iggbo partners with hundreds of specialty labs and diagnostic testing companies, and we manage all of the logistics - from the initial requisition to packaging and shipping samples.