Iggbo's technology platform for on-demand healthcare labor has been specifically designed as a solution to help payers manage the complexities of today's patient populations, employer customers, and reimbursement models.

Minimize Out of Network Spend

Iggbo's technology platform gives payers the ability to direct the diagnostic testing of their members to be processed and analyzed by contracted partners. This can eliminate unnecessary and often substantial out-of-network spending for payers.

Benefit Your Members and Retain Employers

Our technology saves health plan members both time and money. With Iggbo, members don't have to take time off of work or drive to brick & mortar locations for their medical tests and blood work, transforming a time-consuming chore into a concierge-like experience. And since Iggbo ensures tests stay in-network, members don't have to worry about a copay.

Close Gaps in Care

Iggbo's on-demand network of highly-qualified specialists can perform a multitude of tests in one visit to the patient's home. This allows payers to easily collect critical HEDIS metrics, and with Iggbo's patented reminder system that sends patients text, email and telephone reminders, appointments are guaranteed to stay on track and on a regular cadence. Iggbo's system generates 98% patient compliance and future follow-up appointments can easily be scheduled.