Iggbo's healthcare specialists are carefully screened and motivated to provide a new level of trust and personal service for our patients nationwide. We strategically recruit the top performers using a comprehensive application process with multiple metrics and a personal interview. As our specialists deliver care to patients, their performance is measured and tracked in real time, assuring that only the top-ranked specialists with the best patient service scores are dispatched to your home, workplace, or other desired location.

Truly Compassionate and Kind

Iggbo specialists work with us because they believe in our mission: that everyone deserves the right to more personalized medicine. We ensure every specialist is focused on making you feel safe, secure, and at ease - because they are committed to giving the care everyone wants for their own family member.

Confident and Steady

Iggbo specialists are pro's. There are no rookies. Every specialist has at least 2 years of experience and hundreds of hours delivering care. Our specialists are disciplined, controlled, and steady at all times and in every action taken.

Cool and Calm

Iggbo specialists are highly trained professionals and often experts in their field. Their atmosphere of expertise and reassurance makes every patient feel that they are in the most skilled hands possible.

Always Listening

We recruit specialists who exude empathy and patience, giving them the ability to read the situation, react calmly to changes, and collaborate with patients and respond to your needs.

Doorstep Manner

Doctors have bedside manner and our specialists are trained to have doorstep manner. They always arrive with a smile, a warm greeting, and are ready for a positive conversation. Each specialist has a passion for helping every patient.

"My Iggbo specialist was the consummate professional and answered all my questions and was exceedingly pleasant!"

- Patient, Texas

My Iggbo specialist was early, professional, caring. I really liked the convenience of doing this at home. Thank you!

- Patient, Arizona