Iggbo is proud to be helping today's leading cancer center improve cancer treatment. Our on-demand network of specialists allows cancer centers to reduce costs and achieve efficiencies that lead to more revenue and a dramatically improved experience for cancer patients who deserve it most.

Today's current method of on-site blood testing at cancer centers can lead to
  • Excessive wait times for chemotherapy

  • Patient dissatisfaction

  • Safety concerns

  • Complex process flows with inefficient scheduling and waste

Iggbos Pre-Infusion Phlebotomy Platform

Our technology and on-demand network allow cancer centers to perform diagnostic testing prior to the patient's arrival for infusion. This platform easily assimilates into current workflows and reduces, if not eliminates, wait times and increases patient throughput.

Increased Revenue and Decreased Costs

Iggbo can help cancer treatment centers streamline your scheduling processes while eliminating costly waste. Iggbo's system provides real-time information about a patient's status that can impact treatment, space availability, and patient acuity.

Efficient Scheduling and Improved Compliance

Iggbo's pre-infusion platform helps increase the quality of care at lower price points by finding new ways to schedule patients for blood testing at the location of their choice prior to treatment. And Iggbo's patented reminder system uses text, email, and telephone reminders to keep appointments on track with patients and their families. Our system generates 98% patient compliance.

Better Experiences, Better Care

Using Iggbo enhances the overall patient experience. By decreasing the average wait time, which can be a patient safety issue, cancer centers can ensure their patients receive treatment as fast as possible and keep immuno-compromised patients at home.