Iggbo can help you manage the unmanageable.

Iggbo uses patented technology, a flexible workforce, and a proven process to manage the logistics of medical testing and specimen collection. As a result, Iggbo is the most efficient technology platform for managing phlebotomy and labor in the healthcare industry:

  • Iggbo reduces costs for labs by eliminating fixed labor

  • Expands test volume for labs

  • Increases reach to providers across our nationwide network

Designed for complete compliance and efficiency, Iggbo allows labs to focus on science. We take care of the rest.

Iggbo covers all your specimen collection needs with four solutions:

Iggbo's labor can be sent directly to providers to draw blood and other forms of specimen collection (in states permitting in-house phlebotomy). The lab pays by the hour, and Iggbo turns a high, fixed-cost into a variable one.

In-office Phlebotomists

For labs participating in Iggbo's premium membership, Iggbo gives your lab the ability to offer providers the ability to order your tests anytime Iggbo is there for a lower rate per draw.

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Operating in over 180 US cities, with a workforce of over 8,000 phlebotomists, Iggbo's advanced technology and network provides unmatched access and service:

  • Iggbo ensures all phlebotomy standards, regulations, and best practices are met and exceeded

  • Iggbo guarantees that all phlebotomists are certified and will work extensively with each lab under their exacting standards

  • Iggbo provides extensive background checks of every phlebotomist

  • Iggbo vets all phlebotomists and provides a quality-sequenced list of the top-ranked professionals available at any time in a geographic region

  • Iggbo's DrawAssist app ensures all draws are performed with 100% accuracy using the unique standards of each laboratory