Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Iggbo is a healthcare technology company on a mission to make personalized medicine possible for everyone. Our team is a perfect blend of technology, operations, and healthcare experts working to positively disrupt the industry and connect the unconnected in healthcare.

Our team is incredibly talented and we believe in only hiring people we consider to be a SWAN. Smart. Works hard. Ambitious. Nice.

While you will work incredibly hard solving some difficult problems, you'll also be challenged to a game of ping pong or tasked with choosing your favorite type of taco.



We are looking for a few Node/React developers to join our development team. Iggbo is RVA’s fastest-growing startup disrupting the healthcare industry, and we want ambitious developers who want to work on hard problems and put their fingerprints on building an entire platform. You won’t have to deal with a legacy code base, and we believe in flexible hours and working however & wherever you want to get the job done and build great stuff. Come meet us and the team.

Willingness to learn quickly and communicate effectively. Experience with Node and React or other JS framework necessary.

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