Iggbo's technology for managing on-demand healthcare labor was designed to create efficiencies inside health systems that reduce costs and improve outcomes. Our platform was built to easy assimilate into current workflows and produce more savings, more incremental revenue, and a vastly improved patient experience.

Increase Your Outreach

With our on-demand labor force, your campus is no longer confined by its brick & mortar walls and you can keep pace with increasing competition.

Retain Your Revenue

Iggbo helps ensure that tests ordered in your system stay within your system and processed by your own labs.

Increase Appointment Compliance

30% of tests ordered inside a health system never take place. Our patented patient reminder system ensures that appointments stay on track. With Iggbo, patient follow through improves to 98%.

Optimize Pre-Infusion

Iggbo's Pre-Infusion Program (PIP) for health systems provides pre-screening for your infusion patients. A large percentage of infusion patients cannot be infused after showing up for treatment due to biomarker levels that could have been measured in advance. Iggbo solves this problem for health systems by dispatching a specialist to the patient's home prior to treatment. Iggbo's service improves the patient experience dramatically while helping you to keep costly treatments on schedule.

Improve Clinical Trials

For hospital systems conducting clinical research trials, Iggbo instantly provides access to a national sample of specimen. Iggbo also improves sample diversity, consistency, and offers digital tracking of specimen in real time.