Iggbo's platform was designed specifically to improve clinical research trials. Clinical trials are at the center of today's most advanced medical research, and Iggbo is proud to be a new solution that helps clinical trials remove long-existing barriers to better research.

Greater Reach and Diversity

With smartphone technology, Iggbo's collection specialists perform draws and collect other specimens at a convenient location of the trial participant's choice - whether in the doctor's office or at the participant's home. Our network gives clinical trials the ability to expand their footprint, access more patients, and improve the diversity of samples.

Increased Patient Compliance

Iggbo's patented reminder system uses text, email, and telephone reminders to keep appointments on track with all trial participants. Our system generates 98% patient compliance.

Improved Efficiencies and Cost Savings

With Iggbo, trials can control all specimen collections with one convenient system, eliminating the need to make multiple requests with an array local, untested mobile collection agencies.